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11 Stages Of New England Winter

The horrible description of what we have to go through each and every year.

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Stage 1

You thought it was Fall still, your thought you were fine, then you walk out one horrible morning and this happens...

Stage 2

The holidays come up and you are easily distracted by the glamorized idea of the cold and snow.

Stage 3

Then new years is over and January hits you like a truck.

Stage 4

You realize your weight loss resolutions are never getting done the more sweaters and baggy winter clothes you wear.

Stage 5

You binge watch tv show…

After tv show…

After tv show.

Stage 6

You overeat while watching every show, sitting by the fire, or doing anything.

Stage 7

You’ve lost the motivation to do anything and make excuses not to go out.

Stage 8

No matter how hard and long you wait you get nowhere. Spring is too far away.

Stage 9

You question why you live in a place with this unbearable weather consider even for a moment packing up and leaving.

Stage 10

The clocks change, its officially Spring but nothing has changed.

Stage 11

Then we finally get our one week of Spring and suddenly its summer.

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