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    27 Products That’ll Make WFH A Lil’ Cozier This Season

    The comfiest things to basically turn your WFH into a cozy nest.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A curtain of delicate string lights to drape over the back of your desk like fairy garlands and create an enchanting WFH aesthetic. Their warm glow adds a gorgeous, whimsical charm to any environment and softly illuminates the room when you wake up early and the day is still pitch black.

    A reviewer room with the lights covering a window and a white chair in front

    2. A vibrant fuzzy pullover that'll be your new go-to piece for curling up with something cozy this winter. Cute design details like a quarter zip and a drawstring hem allow you to treat this as the perfect layering piece for running errands, walking the pup, trotting to the gym after your 9–5. The front cargo pocket is perfect for stashing your phone, snacks, wallet, or anything you want to keep handy. Each color has a different aesthetic, including a pea green version that exudes major Grinch vibes. Obsessed.

    3. A migraine stick ideal for helping to alleviate anything from throbbing period migraines to painful tension headaches so you can get your head back in the game. Roll the cool metal roller over your temples, the back of your neck, and your forehead when you feel pain coming on.

    A reviewer holding the migraine stick between their thumb and forefinger

    4. An oversized (and I mean oversized) hoodie that'll give you all the snuggles when you're in desperate need of a warm embrace. It's basically the world's coziest wearable blanket, and thanks to an ingenious high-low hem, it won't drag on the floor and turn you into a human Roomba when you move from room to room.

    A reviewer wearing a Buffalo check Comfy demonstrating the spaciousness of the product by extending the sides

    5. A pastel electric mug warmer made to keep your steaming homemade lavender latte warm when you're pinged for an urgent team meeting and you still haven't even washed your face. Add this to your desk spread to minimize the back and forth to reheat your mug for the third time and save those steps for your daily jaunt around the neighborhood.

    6. An eye massager perfect for relaxing your tired peepers after a late-night work session. Reviewers say they're great for alleviating tension headaches and migraines. Connect to Bluetooth and blast your favorite bops to improve your mood after a stressful day or unwind to the sound of an unsolved murder with a true crime podcast. (No judgement.)

    A reviewer laying down using the eye massager

    7. A pair of paw-themed memory foam slippers that'll have you purring like a kitten with every cushiony step.

    A reviewer in dotted gray pajama bottoms wearing the fuzzy white paw slippers with a black trim

    8. A padded seat cushion made for sliding under your booty so you can sit like a queen on a throne of dense, pillowy clouds. The memory foam distributes body weight to take the pressure off of your tailbone so you can sit back and focus on something other than sciatica pain.

    The seat cushion on a black and blue gaming chair

    9. A soft rib-knit jumpsuit made for Slack-ing in style. Simply toss on the buttery soft one-piece, add some delicate jewelry, like a pair of small chunky gold hoops, and top it off with an oversized blazer or a silky cardigan to create an effortlessly cool (but still entirely profesh) look.

    10. A compact ceramic space heater perfect for sliding under your WFH desk after walking your pooch so your feet can get nice and toasty while you put out fires (at work, of course). Set this personal heater by your side while you scale the corporate ladder so you can reach early retirement and flee with your pup to a tropical island. (Where you will never need it again.)

    A reviewer picture of the pink ceramic heater with personal items to the right.

    11. A pair of pull-on dress pants for strutting the house like a runway with a chic biz-casual ensemble that looks way more polished than the effort it took to pull it together.

    a reviewer wearing the navy pants

    12. A muslin throw blanket that's ideal for swaddling yourself like a gleeful newborn while you check your inbox. The material softens after each wash and is breathable, which means it won't make you sweat when the heater kicks on at full force in the middle of a meeting. A nice change of pace from feeling like a modern day Goldilocks with the whole "this is too hot, now I'm too cold" bit.

    The muslin blanket on a low bed with a book on top, next to a yellow couch

    13. A support brace made for righties AND lefties in search of respite for their poor throbbing, overused wrists. The brace features a removable splint and provides wrist support to ameliorate painful swelling and numbness. A plush beaded cushion envelops your achy hands (a reviewer actually described it as a "hand hotel") and alleviates strain caused by overuse (read: typing). This has over 34,000 5-star reviews — *clicks add to cart.*

    A model typing on a white keyboard while using the comfy brace

    14. A soothing lavender and chamomile aromatherapy spray for when you need to take a deep, calming breath after your cat hops on the keyboard and sends that half-drafted email to the whole marketing team.

    A reviewer holding the purple spray in their hand

    15. A set of five Monkey Noodles to alleviate anxiety because those stress balls never really did that much for you. Pull, twirl, stretch, and squeeze them on particularly stressful work days; these special sensory toys are made to encourage a sense of calm and heightened focus, particularly for folks with ADD/ADHD, OCD, and autism.

    A model playing with a red monkey noodle in the forefront while the the rest of the noodles lay on a flat surface

    16. A refreshing facial spray with soothing aloe, herbs and rosewater to invigorate you throughout the day. Spray this cult-favorite before your next important meeting or whenever your skin is in need of a little TLC. The mist revitalizes dry complexions and dull hair with a hydrating burst of botanicals to give you a soft healthy glow (and scent!).

    The spray against a white background

    17. A comfy tie-dye fleece sweatshirt perfect for popping on first thing in the morning and hacking away at your inbox while staying cozy. The cool, bold pattern infuses a streetwear vibe so you can roll out to movie night with your college besties as soon as that laptop shuts without needing a wardrobe change.

    A model wearing the tie dye sweatshirt with matching shorts

    18. A soundproofing tape made for sealing out idle street chatter and distracting outside noise. (Looking at you, downstairs neighbor who's decided to "learn the trumpet" as one of your New Year's resolutions.)

    19. An artificial eucalyptus wall hanging for adding a touch of nature to your indoors and creating a serene workspace that radiates tranquility (and reminds you to take a deep breath before you blast off that "per my last email" response). The wall decor comes ready to hang and infuses a sophisticated, zen vibe that looks modern without exerting tons of effort.

    a reviewer photo of three paintings of plants on a white wall with the faux eucalyptus decor hanging below

    20. A prismatic suncatcher made for lighting up the room with a cheerful burst of kaleidoscopic color when that I've-been-locked-indoors-for-way-too-long mood starts to hit.

    21. A small but mighty diffuser for creating a serene, meditative atmosphere before a hectic workday. Select from eight soft colors and add essential oils to soothe your mood and add some major ~ambience.~ Try adding some relaxing lavender oil to clear your head before your morning one-on-ones.

    a reviewer photo of the diffuser lit up in blue

    22. A cozy sweater dress that'll take you from 9–5 and 5–9 in no time flat.

    A model with the gray sweater dress, white boots, and beige purse

    23. A set of blue-light-filtering glasses made for alleviating eye fatigue and strain from squinting at a screen for hours on end. The set includes three stylish frames so you can leave a spare (or two) stashed in your desk drawer and forego the groggy scramble to find them first thing in the morning.

    A reviewer wearing the blue-filtered glasses and smiling

    24. A light therapy lamp to brighten somber days (and moods) by bringing the sun's joyful rays into your living room when it gets dark at 4:30 p.m. The illumination is non-invasive and mimics natural sunlight without the harmful UV-rays to invigorate you on those interminable stretches of dreary, blah-gray days. Simply turn the 90-degree rotation bracket as needed and allow yourself to be bathed in a bright, energizing light (10,000 lux to be precise).

    The light therapy lamp turned on

    25. A movable door-draft stopper so you can work in the warm hearth of your home instead of a frigid arctic tundra. The barrier blocks out uncomfortable cold drafts and traps warmth indoors (where it's needed), helping to reduce energy costs. Some reviewers have claimed it also decreased the amount of smoke creeping into their apartment from neighbors and blocked out light to help them fall asleep more soundly.

    A reviewer picture of the gray door stopper against a white door

    26. A super comfy pair of high-rise lounge pants because what's the point of WFH if you can't lounge around a bit, too. Reviewers are raving about their silky soft fabric and styling versatility, which allows them to be dressed up or down as the occasion (or Microsoft Team meetings) calls.

    a reviewer wearing the pants in black

    27. A faux book display storage box made for cloaking your nest of charger cables and router cords so your workspace can look neat, organized, and bonus: literary.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.