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10 Thoughts Every Girl Has Before The Big V-Day

As much as we don't want to admit it, we all care about Valentine's Day!

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1. "Ughh, there are hearts everywhere!"


The mixed feelings are killing me...

2. "I should start dropping hints!"


And chocolate, and cards, and cute little shiny things!!!

3. "Must look good! It's too late to join the gym, so I need to stay away from food!"


Maybe...just this one! I mean, I am fabulous anyway.

4. "Wait, maybe it's not too late to join the gym?!"

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In other words, I feel guilty about eating so much last night...and nope, definitely too late!

5. "At least I have time to pick an outfit!"

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Where's my credit card?!?!

6. "It's time for shopping!"


Mine, mine, and mine!

7. "Yup, that's the one!"

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No doubt about it!

8. "Card is declined?"

Via Giphy

I guess, I'd have to improvise for bae's gift...wait I got it!

9. "I am his present!"


Time to use the Victoria's Secret Angel card!

10. "Now I just gotta play it cool for another week..."

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