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This Video Will Make You Realize How Lucky You Are To Have Water

Stella Artois and are challenging people to imagine their everyday lives without access to clean water. By purchasing a limited edition Stella Artois Chalice here, you can help make a difference.

Watch how unsuspecting people around the world react when they are told that water won’t be available to them for up to six hours – the amount of time on average people in the developing world spend collecting water each day.

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Since 2015, Stella Artois has partnered with to raise awareness and deliver solutions to the global water crisis, which leaves 663 million people without access to safe water. To date, the partnership has provided more than 800,000 people in the developing world access to five years of clean water.

The brand is committed to providing 3.5 million people with safe water by 2020 — which is why they partnered cofounder, Matt Damon, to conduct this thought-provoking social experiment.

In the video, a select few restaurant and hotel customers were politely told by staff that there was no water at the establishment. People were, understandably, a little perturbed by this. They were even more so when they were told it would take six hours for them to receive their water.

Most began making plans to leave the establishment...until...


...Matt Damon's face very casually appeared in what was once a mirror.

Hi, it's Matt Damon!

Damon went on to explain that, while he understands how inconvenient their customer service situation is, it's important to put things into perspective.

"It's hard for us to understand what it would be like to not have access to water. But, for 663 million people in the developing world, reality is different."

"Millions of people spend up to six hours every day just to collect water. Can you imagine what that would be like? If you had to choose between having a job and having the water you need to survive?

"What if it was your sister or your daughter who didn't have the time to get an education because she had to spend hours securing a basic human need instead?"

If you're just as touched as these once-unhappy customers, there is a simple way to get involved.

With the purchase of one Limited-Edition Stella Artois Chalice, you can help provide up to five years of water to someone in the developing world.

The 2018 Chalices are designed to represent three countries where operates — Mexico, India, and the Philippines — featuring an illustration by a local artist from each country. Purchase here today.

When one of the disgruntled hotel guests from the video is told by the concierge she wouldn't have running water in her room, the concierge reminds her that "not everyone has it," and she replies, "Not everyone has it, but people need it."

It's as simple as that.

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