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    Ten A-Holes Masquerading As Adorable Animals

    Looks can be deceiving. You'll never see these adorable animals in the same way after you read this list.


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    2. Ten A-Holes Masquerading As Adorable Animals

    1)Don’t be fooled by their adorable faces. Sea otters have some pretty horrible mating habits. A male otter will latch on to a female and aggressively assault her for up to seven days. When he is ready to mate he will grab the female from behind and bite her face. If a female is not available they will rape and drown baby seals. According to Heather Morris a biologist from the California Department of Fish and Game in Monterrey Bay 19 cases of rape mostly ending in fatal injury were reported between 2000 and 2002.

    2)Next time you see a cute little squirrel in your backyard consider the possibility they could have just finished a lovely meal of baby squirrel. That’s right, they don’t just munch on nuts, berries and bird food. Squirrels are known to eat their own kind. Even worse, they also practice acts of necrophilia.

    3)Ducks are absolute monsters. They also engage in aforementioned necrophilia and cannibalism. Little ducklings as young as 5 weeks will eat their brothers and sisters simply because they are bored. As adults it is not uncommon for the male to sodimize other males midflight and rape females. Sometimes the rapes are so violent they end in death by drowning. If the female is not drowned she’s still risks losing an eye.

    4)Adelie penguins complete the trifecta of species known to commit acts of necrophilia. They don’t stop at raping grown adult females. Sexual and physical abuse of chicks has been observed by polar explorer George Murray Levick He was so horrified with their behavior he was reluctant to share it with the scientific community. He coded the appalling behavior in Greek.

    5)Dolphins have a reputation for being friendly. Tourist flock to swim with them. I swam with wild dolphins once in Virginia Beach. I never realized their true nature hiding behind the smiles and squeaks. They have been known to sexually assault humans. A group of males will select a single female to rape. When they aren’t busy with sexual assault they kill other marine mammals, fish and their babies for kicks. And people think sharks are bad.

    6)Male lions are so anxious to breed they will kill and eat a female’s young so that she’s able to breed again.

    7)Amazonia frogs have a rather gruesome way of getting the females to release their eggs. They choke them to death from behind.

    8)Jane Goodall observed Hamadryas Baboons kidnap young females years before mating with them and torment them into compliance.

    9)Elenora falcon chicks subsists off of the dead babies their mothers bring them.

    10)Have you ever wondered why Timon was the only meerkat hanging around in the jungle? It could be he murdered the rest of his pack! Meerkats kill their own at a rate of nineteen percent. Humans are at two percent to give you a comparison.