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    Seventeen Shared New Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Making Their Latest Mini-Album, And I'm Crying

    We're ready to love.

    Last week, the K-Pop sensation Seventeen released their eighth mini-album, "Your Choice." The six-track collection features everything from soft ballads to sharp hip-hop songs, and simply put — the boys did not miss!

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    In a new interview with Facebook App, Hoshi, Dino, The8, S.Coups, Jun, Wonwoo, Vernon, Woozi, Seungkwan, Jeonghan, DK, Joshua, and Mingyu sat down and discussed the making of their latest music.

    All the members of Seventeen during the Facebook App interview

    So get ready to love, because here's all the lovable things we learned about Seventeen's latest release from behind the scenes!

    The members of #SEVENTEEN attend their global press conference celebrating their 8th mini album, #Your_Choice.

    1. Jeonghan says "Ready to Love" is the kind of song that "has an intense vibe and cool melodies where you can notice how energetic and mature" the group is, while Seungkwan was in the back like:

    Seungkwan's reactions in the back to Jeonghan's answers

    2. Dino describes the running moves in the choreography — "We're so ready to love that we're about to rush out and run towards you..."

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    3. The story behind the title track is about a character, "me," who starts loving a friend, "you," and becomes "ready to confess his love," the members explain.

    Jeonghan explaining the song

    4. Leader S.Coups revealed his favorite part was Joshua's opening high notes: "That part just killed it...his voice and the emotion, he suits the song so well."

    5. Are you bold or are you careful? Joshua, Jeonghan, Seungkwan, Woozi, and DK were fairly unanimous in their choice...

    DK, Woozi, Seungkwan, Joshua and Jeonghan all choosing careful over bold

    6. The8 thinks "Ready to Love" is a good song to listen to in general.

    The8 says throughout all their experiences, the moment they’ve experienced the most intense love is at the opening of a concert. Hoshi adds that he can actually physically feel love from their fans at events like concerts and high touch. #SEVENTEEN #Your_Choice

    "The entire song is so relaxing..."

    7. DK and Seungkwan sang their favorite parts at each other in harmony. Woozi felt caught in the middle.

    Woozi looking uncomfortable but laughing

    8. Jun's favorite part of the "Ready to Love" music video choreography was when Jeonghan walks through the members like a maze while snow falls around them. "It's so pretty!"

    9. Vernon's favorite song off of the mini-album is "Same Dream, Same Mind, Same Night." He thinks "it re-created the R&B sound of the 2000s perfectly, and the members pulled it off really well."

    Vernon speaking while S.COUPS, Wonwoo and Mingyu watch

    10. And finally, when asked what the group is loving right now, Hoshi says "Dino!" Dino blushes. "I love Hoshi these days!"

    Hoshi telling Dino he loves him, the other members cringing

    You can check out more clips and fun moments from the full interview on BuzzFeed A*Pop and Daebak Weekly! The entire interview is now available on all Facebook App platforms.