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The 9 Types Of Asian House Slippers, Ranked From "No Thanks" To "Auntie Approved" Status

Wearing outdoor shoes inside? In this economy??

Whether you call them house slippers, tuo xie, chappals or something else, everyone who's ever grown up in an Asian household knows that there is a definitive hierarchy in the slipperverse.

But if you're the type who regularly wears your outdoor shoes **in the house**, please kindly take notes. This one won't be for you, sweetie.

9. The Ones We Don't Wear

Saks Fifth Avenue / Via

First of all, why are these so expensive? What purpose do they serve apart from Instagram photos? I'm calling it now — it's house slipper gentrification. Hard pass.

8. The Guest Slippers

Appearus / Via

These are the weakest link of all the house slippers. There is a pile in your mom's house, stashed in the corners of some small closet – and they might all have hotel logos from various vacation stays, but we will not admit to anything publicly. These ones are reserved for house guests during those aggressively loud parties where you hide in your room and avoid human contact.

7. The Ones Your Family Doesn't Realize Are Meant To Be Worn Outside

UGG / Via

White girls always wore these to high school (Midwest Asians really know), but your parents probably didn't get the memo that these are supposed to be street shoes. As a result, there might be a pair of these furry moccasins floating around your house that low-key change the game during winter. The only issue is, if your mom designated these to you as your house slippers, it's a wrap for you when it gets warm out. These do not BREATHE.

6. The Dad Slippers

Dearfoams / Via

I don't know why these slippers are always heavier than the rest, but damn, they just are. They're never bought full price, usually at a heavily discounted sale or a wholesale club during a grocery run. Your dad sits in an armchair in the living room with these bad boys on, on his phone reading about politics. A solid slipper.

5. The Big AF Cartoon Slippers

These oversized cartoon slippers only really exist as cartoon animals from children's shows or cartoon fruits (read: strawberries). Anything that has a unicorn is from a western brand and just cannot be included in this club. If you actually had these comically large cartoon slippers growing up, you either have a ton of money, or you know how to fight. There are no exceptions.

4. The Dad Slipper: Outdoor Edition / Via

Even though these don't bring aesthetics, warmth, structure, or protection to your foot, these serve one incredibly important and universally respected purpose: bringing groceries back into the house from the car. You can't do that in a cute house slipper, or in a shoe that's your actual foot size. Not possible.

3. Guest Slippers: The Re-Up Reloaded

Muji / Via

There is not much to say about this slipper if you own it other than your house is probably really aesthetic and neutrally-toned. If you bought it for anything over $10 USD, you also probably are a child of the diaspora. When presented with other slippers, I don't think I would choose this one. I'm not mad at it, though. I respect what she brings to the table.

2. The City Auntie Slippers

Uniqlo / Via

These slippers are the exclusive year-round indoor footwear for women over 40, whether literally or just at heart. Pair them with socks or wear them with your toes out; these are the lawful good alignment of the aunties who live in apartments with floors that are always randomly too cold. The bamboo woven bottom is CLUTCH – they're wearable for the whole year, and they're like, kind of chic. Definitely a Hot Girl of the house slippers.

1. The Chores Slippers

Sears / Via

I guarantee that someone, somewhere has an auntie who is wearing these house slippers right now while squatting outside and peeling string beans into a HUGE bowl. Or maybe they're hanging washed socks onto one of those round plastic laundry hangers, wearing a pair of these like nobody's business. But if you get these slippers from anywhere other than a grocery store or a market, you're doing it wrong. These slippers are probably also the ones that get thrown, because they're indestructible. The golden slipper, do NOT argue with me.

Did we miss any from our list? Show us your rankings in the comments below!

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