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The 9 Types Of Asian House Slippers, Ranked From "No Thanks" To "Auntie Approved" Status

Wearing outdoor shoes inside? In this economy??

Whether you call them house slippers, tuo xie, chappals or something else, everyone who's ever grown up in an Asian household knows that there is a definitive hierarchy in the slipperverse.

But if you're the type who regularly wears your outdoor shoes **in the house**, please kindly take notes. This one won't be for you, sweetie.

9. The Ones We Don't Wear

8. The Guest Slippers

7. The Ones Your Family Doesn't Realize Are Meant To Be Worn Outside

6. The Dad Slippers

5. The Big AF Cartoon Slippers

4. The Dad Slipper: Outdoor Edition

3. Guest Slippers: The Re-Up Reloaded

2. The City Auntie Slippers

1. The Chores Slippers

Did we miss any from our list? Show us your rankings in the comments below!

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