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The 5 People You Meet In A Hostel

You've just embarked on your post grad Eat Pray Love backpacking trip through South East Asia. So have these people:

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1. The over-friendly guy who walks in with a guitar he stole from his last hostel in Bangkok. His sunburnt arms poke out of his Quicksilver tanktop. He likely has no shoes, maybe the occasional flip flop, sometimes just one. One brave German girl asks what everyone’s thinking: “OMG can you play?” To which he chuckles, “Of course.” The first 3 chords of Banana Pancakes fill the halls of the dormitories. Everyone groans. “Wait, I also know Redemption Song!"

2. The posh British girl who thinks she’s traveling on a budget. Let’s call her “Pippa.” She’s very well traveled, as she went to Thailand once for two weeks and even got a tattoo that reads “sucker” in Hindi on her ankle (which she thinks says “wanderlust”). Her hobbies include traveling. She paid $30 for an anklet that everyone else haggled down to two cents, because “its giving back to the people.”

3. The volunteer hostel bartender who you inevitably sleep with. He’s got a beard, an abrasive chest tattoo, and doesn’t like areas that are too touristy because then you can’t “immerse yourself with the local culture.” He’s working at the biggest most expensive party hostel in the continent and is probably from Sydney.

4. The American girl who just wants to get drunk with everyone. She fits all the disappointing American stereotypes but the European boys can’t help crushing on her free-spiritedness, making all the uptight Dutch girls gang up on her at the Sunday pool party. She doesn’t notice though, as she’s skinny dipping with the hostel dog.

5. The 35 year old lifetime traveler who is ambiguously from somewhere in the U.K, of which you’re still unsure is a country or just England. He's been staying at this hostel for 8 and a half months. One time he worked at a Treehouse hostel in Nicaragua and tells everyone about it. He peaked at 17. “But how do you support yourself,” you inevitably ask, to which he smiles, “the money just follows when you’re chasing happiness maaaan….plus my parents own an oil rig in the Pacific.” He’d like to open a hostel of his own when he grows up.

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