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19 Reasons Why BuzzFeed Should Hire Me

Because separation leads to perspiration.

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1. I *hate* clichés.

2. I've wanted to work for BuzzFeed for, like, ages.

3. I will happily crush all opposition.

4. I need to get a job.


5. Cameron from Modern Family is my spirit animal.

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6. Ms Beyoncé Knowles is my queen.

7. (Though I love the Queen too).

8. I'm in love with Darren Criss.


9. Seriously though, I'm so poor.

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10. And, I figure, working at BuzzFeed would just about be the best way to stop being poor.

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11. Sometimes I spend more time talking to people on social media than I do in real life.

12. I really am in love with Darren Criss. (Hoping this is a plus?)


13. I really like writing (and sometimes I'm quite good at it).

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14. I would totally be team UK for BuzzFeed.

15. I really reeeeally want to be a part of a news and entertainment company that I actually enjoy reading.

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16. I'm, like, totally a huge fan.

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17. I'd be totes emosh if you hired me.

18. Isn't he just perfect?

19. Pllllleeeeeease let me work for you? KThanxBye

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