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    Book Cover Design: 10 Trends Of 2015

    As a book critic, I went through Germany's 2015 releases, January to June. Here are 50+ amazing or horrible covers I found. And 10 big trends of book cover design!

    1. Trend 01: Amazing Light

    2. Trend 02: Sad America

    3. Trend 03: Black Background - striking contrast

    4. Trend 04: Huge Cities, Huge Typeface

    5. Trend 05: Weird Retro Women

    6. Trend 06: Small Happy Dots

    7. Trend 07: Big, Omnious Dots

    8. Trend 08: Birds and Mortality

    9. Trend 09: Weird Animals

    10. Trend 10: Understatement.

    11. Bonus: Instagram-inspired Covers

    12. Bonus: Sexy Covers

    13. Bonus: Little Boxes

    14. Bonus: Waves! Swimmers! The Ocean!

    15. Bonus: Photoshop... disasters?

    16. Bonus: Asian clichès

    17. Bonus: "Come on - it's just a little trouble with my hip."

    18. Bold Typography, Popping Colours: These are my personal favorites.