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Book Cover Design: 10 Trends Of 2015

As a book critic, I went through Germany's 2015 releases, January to June. Here are 50+ amazing or horrible covers I found. And 10 big trends of book cover design!

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2. Trend 02: Sad America


We Germans love US fiction, and I'm happy to see that titles like "California" and "We are not ourselves" have already been translated for German readers. But most of these covers look kinda... dour. Are the United States in trouble?

3. Trend 03: Black Background - striking contrast


I especially love the Tom Liehr cover. the literal translation is "All-Night Gas Station". I'm also glad that "Wolfsland" did not alter or maniplate the wolf's eyes to make them eerie or sparkly.

5. Trend 05: Weird Retro Women


charming! I hope these books' female characters deliver: they look quirky, fierce, unique and slightly unsettling. I'm unhappy about the too-pink German cover for Maria Semple's amazing "Where did you go, Bernadette?", though.

6. Trend 06: Small Happy Dots


energetic narratives, a feel-good atmosphere, maybe a little melancholic: I like these dots. and apparently, you don't need more than 3 oranges (and a round "a"-logo) to create this playful, bouncy mood.

9. Trend 09: Weird Animals


goofy animals seem to telegraph: "here comes a unique book - with a unique tone." I especially like the nonsensical (?) "mussle rose" - and the juxtaposition "Monster" - "Sea Lion"

10. Trend 10: Understatement.


these colours are common for Historical Novels. or very serious nonfiction. But it's fun to see how self-confident and "classic" these new releases look already - in contrast to all their loud, busy, colorful competitors.

11. Bonus: Instagram-inspired Covers


these look like they came right out of Instagram. I saw another German book that used the "Low" photo of the bare-assed diver [shot by Ryan McGinley] before, but I can't remember where.

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