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The Robot Rising Is Neigh! #RobotLivesMatter

They are going to remember this day

StefanYOCTO 3 years ago
StefanYOCTO 3 years ago

Retro Recall - Battlefrog Edition

Retro Recall: Weekly at 6PM EST Every Monday! Bradley fulfills another wish, Beat the Turbo Tunnel! Seems easy enough to accomplish... or is it? Watch the slow decent into madness! Yo! Check This Out is Stefan Glazer and Bradley Conklin. With guest appearances by friends sometimes.

StefanYOCTO 3 years ago

Mad Max Mad Bugs - Fun Or Frustrating

Seriously, this game shipped like this. It's getting a little silly these days that games have this many bugs and weirdness happening. Sure they are funny for right now, but they can easily destroy a games play-ability.

StefanYOCTO 4 years ago