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What Steen Are You?

I probably have multiple personality disorder lol

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  1. It's Sunday night. What're you doing?

    Brunch to get the scoop on what happened over the weekend then homework.
    Bloodies at the Corner or Sals or Dunbars followed by getting high and then getting barred out.
    Take the day to yourself, just chill and relax.
    Can't get over what the fuck happened over the weekend and make it a huge deal about it and forget to do your homework.
    See your gal pals. Get some work done. Be a lone for a little bit. Take some nudes n get dicked.
  2. You're broke what do you do?

    Start selling your clothes.
    Get a job? Like a normal person?
    Seeking Arrangements, obviously a sugar father.
    start making money in a corrupt manner.
    Nothing just wait it out a week until your parents just reload your debit card.
  3. You are most likely eating...

    Soup/Sandwhich at the Corner
    Theta food (bc you're POVO)
    Brie cheese, sushi, spicy mayo,
    Chinese food, specifically lo mein or udon noodles
    Treat yo self to something mad tastey
  4. Thursday Night Pregame where the FUCK are you?

    Phi Kappa Psi
    The Bungalow (chi psi annex)
    I can't go out I have so much work.
    I'm overwhelmed with like everything in every aspect of life wtf am I doing? idk idk idk
    I got too lit at Wine Wednesday so I'm gonna either smoke or get barred out
    I'm gonna go out and hop around different places, frats and house parties whatever as long as I get dick.
    Idk I have a cute outfit so as long as I get to wear it I'm good.
    Everything is pretty chill I wanna have a good time and maybe blackout but definitely start out at Hannahs.
  5. What do you wear to class?

    An actual outfit
    An actual outfit + makeup
    Nah fam I'm skipping class.
    Gym clothes (in hopes you'll actually make it to the gym)
  6. Who do you love more than life itself?

    Your mama
    The brothers of phi kappa psi
    Your exboyfriend (low key but not really and it shouldn't be like that)
    Sam Dunbar
    Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad)
    Whoever you are currently hooking up with this week.
    Your sugar father.
    Nobody except for myself obviously I'm conceited AF
  7. Pick a musical sensation.

    Elton John
    Amy Winehouse
    Kanye West (throwbacks)
    Kanye West (Yeezus-The Life of Pablo)
    SoundCloud anything, something obscure but really good
    60-70s rock
    70s Disco or 80s funk
  8. Pick a Fraternity

    Chi Psi
    Sigma Pi
    Phi Kappa Psi
    Pi Kap
    All of the above.
    Anywhere we end up going I'll have a good time because I'm amazing and social.
    Theta Xi
  9. You're panicking, but why?

    You might miss the pregame
    Your exboyfriend accused you of keying his car (AGAIN AND IT WASN'T YOU SHUT UP)
    I can't pick out an outfit and my makeup came out shitty
    I forgot to do an important assignment for school
    Nothing, you're suprisingly chillin fam.
  10. Name something you love about yourself.

    Your sociopath tendencies
    Smile n eyelashes bc u so cute pretty bb
    How in touch with your ~emotions~ you are
    generally everything about myself because I'm perfect and everybody else SUCKS
    your sense of humor (bc you are just so FLIPPIN funny)
    All the the above bc you're great and EVERYBODY ELSE SUCKS
  11. Mid party- where the EF are you??

    Separated from the chicks. As per usual but you either find a place to crash or get home SOMEHOW
    Dancing (lol as if)
    Taking pulls and hazing younger kids
    Had a weird encounter, let it bother you and dip early
    Irish Exit to go hookup with somebody or get food. Maybe both.
    Found somebody with pot or are prolly smokin cigs somewhere

What Steen Are You?

You got: Sad Girl Steen

You kind of suck but somehow people love you. You're emotional probably have a Pisces Moon in you. Probably cry sometimes. (all the time) SUPER sarcastic and probably hating on everyone that isn't yourself.

Sad Girl Steen
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You got: Happy Girl Steen

Totally elated, kudos everything for you seems to going right for you in every aspect of life. Not sure how long it will last though.

Happy Girl Steen
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You got: Cute Girl Steen

congrats you give 0 fucks about anything. take hella nudes, talk loudly about everything. You're an open book and HIGH key SO CUTE. Nip slips are chill and so it not wearing any underwear. Go on seeking arrangements and ruin your life!

Cute Girl Steen
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You got: Average Steen

Apathetic to most things. Nothing too bad, nothing too good. Doing your school work, not that sad not that happy.

Average Steen
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You got: Bender Steen

Go with the flow. Go where the bender takes you. Under the influence of some type of substance, you enjoy whatever is coming your way and most likely can't tell you what has happened by the end of the bender. May include singing Elton John blackout or ended up passed out at Hannah's apartment.

Bender Steen
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