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    Steampunk Party Top 10

    Party hard, party well, and do not forget the corsets and top hats!




    Experience the adventure !

    February 23- March 2, 2014

    Ship departs from New Jersey and sails to the gorgeous Bahamas.

    7 Days of Steampunk Music, Food, Fun, Metal, and Lace on the high seas

    Imagine boarding Royal Caribbean’s fair vessel, The Navigator of the Seas, as she sets sail for the magnificent Caribbean for the Steampunk Cruise and High Seas Ball, to include caribbean island trips, tea, appearances, real live mermaids, workshops, music and performances from the most reknowned Steampunk Writers, Speakers Artists and Musicians in the Steampunk World today!



    La Steampunk Celebration est un événement international réunissant des créateurs "steampunk" talentueux et inventifs. À l'occasion des 20 ans de son festival, JULES VERNE AVENTURES s’associe à la STEAM ROCKET pour célébrer tous les héritiers de Jules Verne : les explorateurs d’aujourd’hui, mais aussi les rêveurs qui réinventent le passé futuriste des machines et de la vapeur, celui de la civilisation STEAMPUNK !

    L'événement rassemble les plus fringants des “vaporistes” pour un défilé au Grand Rex lors de la soirée de gala du Festival !

    8. ROYAL DE LUXE / Via


    Royal de Luxe is a French mechanical marionette street theatre company. They were founded in 1979 by Jean-Luc Courcoult. Based in Nantes, the company has performed in France, Belgium, England, Germany, Iceland, Chile, Australia and Mexico. It is always a great event when the Royal De Luxe is performing.




    The Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation presents the annual steampunk theme Watch City Festival! This is a city wide event that celebrates the imagination, history and ingenuity behind Steampunk. For one weekend the city of Waltham is transformed into an alternate reality “trapped in time” where the lines between science fiction and the industrial revolution are blurred to bring guests into an immersible experience like none other!

    6. STEAM ON QUEEN / Via


    Canadian Steam Productions Specializing in producing Steampunk-themed events, displays and programs, brings you only the very best in Canadian Steampunk culture.

    In downtown Toronto this yearly huge free festival featuring proclaimed merchants and artisans from near and far. Wonders and Entertainments assembled from across the Globe on the Grounds of Toronto's Historic Campbell House.




    Steamstock is a music festival from another time. Think of it as Woodstock from an alternate past, where airships filled the skies and swing was both gothic and electronic; people still wore top hats and corsets, and hippies were mad scientists.

    With bands Vernian Process, Abney Park, Thomas Dolby , Frenchy and the Punk, Lee Presson & the Nails,and many more!

    There'll be music and dancing and vendors and food carts! Plus, the walls are made of giant pains of glass, so we can watch the sun set over the Bay, the Blue Angels darting by, AND the the ships racing in an America's Cup regatta!

    4. BURNING MAN / Via


    Trying to explain what Burning Man is to someone who has never been to the event is a bit like trying to explain what a particular color looks like to someone who is blind. In this section you will find the peripheral definitions of what the event is as a whole, but to truly understand this event, one must participate.

    From its early days on a small beach in San Francisco through its evolution into the bustling city of some 48,000+ people that the Burning Man event has become today. These people make the journey to the Black Rock Desert for one week out of the year to be part of an experimental community, which challenges its members to express themselves and rely on themselves to a degree that is not normally encountered in one's day-to-day life. The result of this experiment is Black Rock City, home to the Burning Man event.


    Flickr: linus / Via


    Gemini & Scorpio's The Lost Circus

    The Circus is said to have started in ancient Egypt when the court entertainers of an immortal Pharaoh escaped their slavery under a midnight moon. They have traveled the globe for centuries, gathering talent from every great empire as the empire itself begins to crumble: Istanbul, Saint Petersburg, London, Berlin...and now they have made it across the sea.

    Now in NYC discover a circus long lost every year , with music from times gone by or times that never were. DJs bridges the dust of Burning Man with the sounds of a rogue Slavic circus. The circus unfolds to live bands and in between, in a 19th century church with soaring ceilings, stained glass windows and wraparound balcony. Stilts, aerial, fire and more.



    Founded in 2007, White Mischief curates events and parties around London, England and at some of the UK’s best festivals. Unique live musical acts and DJs playing vintage music are interspersed with some of the most astonishing vaudeville and circus performers around: everything from aerial acrobats to upside-down escapeologists and Guinness World Record-holding sword swallowers.

    Added to the mix are interactive theatrical experiences where guests might be taken on a trip around the world in a hot air balloon or through time with a space pirate. In the spirit of breaking down barriers between performers and audience, everyone’s part of the show at White Mischief: partygoers might find themselves at a radio show being broadcast live from the 1930s; they might be introduced to a talking leopard; or they might find themselves surrounded by Blue Beard’s seven undead wives in the depths of his Forbidden Chamber.

    Star names who have performed at previous White Mischief shows include David McAlmont, The Puppini Sisters, British Sea Power, Miss Behave (of La Clique), Mat Fraser and BBC’s The Penny Dreadfuls. White Mischief is also a hotbed of new talent, supporting up-and-comers such as The Correspondents and Des O’Connor.

    Each room is decorated by art directors who have worked in film and on theatrical productions such as Punchdrunk. A strong neo-Victorian theme runs through the aesthetic behind White Mischief, leading the parties to become associated with the burgeoning “steampunk” movement.


    What, dare say, is The Edwardian Ball?

    THE EDWARDIAN BALL is an elegant and whimsical celebration of art, music, theatre, fashion, technology, circus, and the beloved creations of the late, great author Edward Gorey. Set in our own version of “Edwardian” times, this multi-media extravaganza has grown over the past decade from a small underground club night into an internationally recognized event, now operating with the blessing of The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust.

    Costumed and enthusiastic attendees, traveling from as far as Australia, Japan, and the UK, flock to this San Francisco tradition for a delightful blend of ballroom dancing, live music, riveting stage shows, DJs, fine art galleries, a vending marketplace, absinthe cocktails, steam machinery, parlour games, sideshows, and more. All ages are welcome and appropriate in this darkly humorous and elegant setting, where literary aficionados rub elbows with insect-like creatures parading on stilts… where historically-accurate Edwardian recreationists waltz by a steam-powered tea garden… where the only guiding rule is that you join in on the fun!

    The Edwardian Ball has been called “the quintessential must-not-miss event of the year,” “a defining annual San Francisco tradition,” and “a literary circus of the highest caliber” but please, come see for yourself!

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