Top Economic Events In 2013 As Told By Dogs

From the government shutdown to Obamacare to the Icahn/Ackman feud, it was another roller coaster year in the financial world. Here is a recap of some of the top economic and financial events in 2013 as told by dogs.

1. Obama finally announced the Affordable Care Act…

2. But then no one could sign-up for coverage at!!!

3. Twitter and Telsa successfully announced their IPOs.

4. Carl Ichan and Bill Ackman reignited their feud on Herbalife.

5. Media, Obama and the Fed touted improving job numbers… “Hey we’re at 7.0% unemployment!”

6. But then people realized the real job numbers weren’t as great as the media hyped them up to be.

7. Still, stock markets reached all time highs!

8. Bernanke said in early 2013 that the Fed would consider tapering QE…

9. Psych! Now he’s saying 2014…?

10. Obama nominated Yellen as the next Fed Chair.

11. Meanwhile in Washington it was gridlock, with the debt ceiling, government shutdown and the sequester.

12. And through all of this, Obama campaigns around the US about the “improving economy.”

…But is it really?

Sunny doesn’t think so.

2014…we’re ready for you!

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