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9 Things You Learn While Working Abroad In Australia

When you work abroad, you become wise beyond your years. Here are just a few things we picked up along the way in the vast and unique country that is Australia. Why not head Down Under and add to our list with STA Travel?

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1. Earning money is just more fun when it looks like Monopoly money.

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Australian money is not only plastic (so it doesn't get all soggy when the barman puts your change in a puddle), it is also all the colours of the rainbow. You'll never accidentally tip someone $98 for a $2 coffee and cry yourself to sleep, unlike in America.

2. There is a thing called WWOOFing, and it's a great way to see the country.


It means Willing Workers On Organic Farms, and most places will pay for your food and accommodation in return for work. (You won't earn any pocket money, but then you won't have any expenses.) Plus the Instagrams will be AMAZING.

3. There is a lot more country than you probably think. (You need a lot of space for all those adventures!)

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It takes six hours to fly from Brisbane in the east to Perth in the west. That's like flying from London to Kazakhstan.

4. Money has slang names that do not match UK slang names.

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A fiver is a galah (pink bird), a tenner is a blue tongue (lizard), a fifty is a banana, and $100 is a lettuce (leaf). Just remember that the key is colour and you'll be fine.

5. Ordering beers is a bit more complicated than a simple “half” or “pint.”

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There are three sizes of beer instead of two: a pot, a schooner, and a pint. But in some states, a pot is known as a "middy" and a schooner. For additional confusion, a schooner is also a boat. Your first day in your bar job will be fun.

6. Things can cost 99 cents, but if someone hands you a dollar, don't bother looking for change.

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They gave up the one-cent and two-cent coins in 1992. Only the Tooth Fairy uses them now, (but only if she wants the kid to cry).

7. Even if you failed maths at school, you will get really good at maths.

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You'll want to figure out what time it is in London so you can phone people, and you'll want to know how much that $10 pint actually cost you in real money.

8. You may think you’ll bag yourself an Aussie accent, but all that really happens is your actual accent becomes more pronounced, and you start using phrases that make you sound like a cartoon Cockney.

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You've never called them the apple and pears before. Why here, why now?

You learn a lot of things while working in Australia that you'd never know if you just stayed home. Take the leap of a lifetime with STA Travel.