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Mischief Managed: 10 Pieces of Evidence Mackinac Island Forgot to Cast Evanesco On

Have you seen geraniums bloom year round anywhere else? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

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1. Visitors Are Only There in the Summer

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Whether you call them no-majes or muggles, tourists only come to Mackinac Island during the few summer months. This allows the wizards of the town to live freely without being caught for the majority of the year. Seems rather convenient.

2. It’s Difficult to Get to the Island

Star Line Mackinac Island’s Hydro-Jet® Ferry / Via

Not only do non-magic folk visit only during the summer, but Mackinac Island also makes it difficult for them to get there. It’s only accessible by its Hydro-Jet Ferry...or by broom, apparition, or floo powder of course.

3. Everyone Is a Shop Owner or Inn Keeper

Uncorked Thoughts / Via

Just like Hogsmeade, Mackinac Island has an unusually large amount of shops and inns—including a fudge shop, which is clearly a branch off of Honeydukes. They’re probably stocked up with chocolate frogs and licorice snaps in the back.

4. They Have Horseless Carriages

Bree1972 / Via

Three carriages on the street and no horses?! These horseless carriages have only one explanation: Threstrals. They’re magical creatures known for being invisible, carrying Hogwarts students safely to school grounds, and now for pulling along Mackinac Island witches and wizards.

5. They Play With Abnormally Large Chess Boards

Best Animations / Via

Seen at weddings and children’s play hours, Mackinac Island Grand Hotel has oversized chess boards for recreation and photo ops. While these large pieces would be annoying to muggles, for wizards it’s easy, since the wizarding chess pieces move themselves. We’re certain Ron Weasley comes here for chess tournaments.

6. Flowers Bloom Magically out of Season

Maria Gavin / Via

While the non-magical parts of Michigan don’t grow flowers in October, Mackinac Island somehow does. Tourist Maria Gavin noted, “Hotel guests were bundled up in coats, hats, and boots to stay warm against the cold, windy air; but those geraniums were still going strong.” This is no doubt the work of Professor Pomona Sprout’s Herbivicus charm.

7. It's Hard to Get Necessities

Filter Copy / Via

The muggles and no-majes of Mackinac Island have noted that getting something like groceries isn’t so simple. One local resident said it took her from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. to go grocery shopping. This is obviously because the wizarding community of the island just uses the Accio spell and their work is done.

8. There's Little Modern Technology

Linda & Keith Stokes / Via

Old-timey street lights. Bikes instead of cars. Horse drawn carriages instead of taxis. There’s an apparent lack of modern day devices on Mackinac Island. Either the wizards don’t need it, or they’re afraid of being caught doing a spell on Snapchat.

9. They Have Christmas Trees That Could Only Be Lifted by Giants

Alison Lynch for Metro / Via

Every Christmas season Mackinac Island puts up a giant tree in the middle of their downtown street. Not only does this seem to magically appear every year despite its massive size and weight, it also closely resembles the tree used in the Great Hall at Hogwarts. Coincidence? Pish posh. They must have Hagrid on retainer.

10. Look at This Staircase. Look at It!

Maria Gavin / Via

If you don’t believe this is a magical staircase located in the Mackinac Island Grand Hotel then we can’t help you. Look at the intricate star work. The mysterious light coming from the top. Where else would you see a staircase of this magnitude? Hogwarts. That’s where. And we know you believe it. Mischief managed.

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