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9 Jobs Your Parents Always Wanted You to Have

Most parents are proud of their kids no matter what job they have. But some parents have a different opinion. Here are 9 careers parents want for their kids.

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1. Doctor or Nurse

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Parents love to know their kids are helping other people—and making lots of money doing it. Choosing a career in the healthcare world is a great way to accomplish both of these goals.

2. Engineer

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Parents love bragging about their kids, and few things sound cooler than getting to tell people their child is an engineer. They may not be able to explain your job to their friends, but they sure love talking about it.

3. Scientist

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Scientists help solve some of the world’s biggest problems. If your parents are able to be a part of that process, even through their child, it’s pretty special.

5. Teacher

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One of the main roles of a parent is to pass on knowledge to their children. In turn, their children who become teachers get to pass on some of that knowledge to hundreds, if not thousands, of students every year.

6. Military Officer

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While some military jobs can place their children in harm’s way, there are few careers more distinguished and honorable than one in the military, and that’s something to be proud of.

7. Banker or Accountant

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Most parents worry whether or not their children will be able to take care of themselves financially. A job as an accountant or a banker is one way for children to prove to their parents that they can manage their finances.

8. Journalist

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Depending on their specific job, journalists may have a new article in the paper or online every day, giving their parents regular content to consume that was created by one of their very own.

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