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Best Stationery Finds - 2017

Following up from last years top stationery finds of 2016. Here is a roundup of some of my favourite stationery finds of 2017. I'm always on the hunt for newer, better stationery.

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Lakeland Interlocking Drawer Organiser

Lakeland / Via

These are fantastic for keeping all your stationery bits and bobs in order. You can use these in a drawer or even on your desk. They lock together and can be re-positioned for the perfect fit for your stationery goodies.

Midori Silicone Pin Clips

The Journal Shop / Via

These are cute and functional and come in a variety of styles, what more can you say!

You can use them to clip paper etc but I use them to keep my earphone cables in order.

Lihit Lab Stand Up Silicone Pencil Case

Cult Pens / Via

Is it a pencil case or is it a pen pot? Both! The base pops in on this one allowing it to stand upright when on a flat surface and pushes the contents to the top making it easier to find what you are looking for.

Write On It - Bullet Journal

Write On It / Via

This is the plain covered bullet journal, you can have the covers personalised too with a favourite quote or message. Great quality paper suitable for lots of different pens types for journalling.

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