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12 Ways To Make Any New City Your Home

It takes time to make a new place feel like home sweet home. State Farm® is here to help you adjust to your new locale.

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3. Learn to talk the talk.


It's never fun to feel like a foreigner. Language is an essential component of getting acquainted with a new place. If you want to feel like a true native, take a language class so you can feel included.

6. Get a taste of the local culture.

erin & camera (CC BY http://2.0) Flickr: erin_can_spell

Most vibrant cities have no shortage of food festivals, food trucks, and amazing restaurants. Make a foodie bucket list and explore your new city while also satisfying your appetite!

7. Take a class that interests you.

Expanding your knowledge while meeting other like-minded intellectuals is a smart way to transition to your new city and learn a thing or two! It's also a great way to meet like-minded people beyond just co-workers and roommates.

9. Volunteer for a cause that you support.

Almost every city has strong volunteer initiatives, always looking for helping hands to get involved. Look up your local volunteer organization to find out which cause you'd like to help support.

10. Pick up some new hobbies that'll enable you to meet new people.

Bowling, drawing, cycling, bird watching... you name it! New hobbies and activities are a great venue for meeting new people with shared interests. Most cities have fun intramural leagues that are open to new members.

12. Build a nice home that you enjoy returning to at the end of the day.

Moving to a new place can be challenging at first — make sure your home is your ultimate refuge. At the end of the day, returning to your happy place should bring you instant joy!

Like a good neighbor, State Farm® is there to help you adjust to your new environment.