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The 5 Types Of Neighbors That Exist On Every Block

We've all had them. When it comes to neighbors, you need people you can rely on. You can always count on State Farm® to be your best neighbor.

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1. The Green Thumb

Andrea Hickey/Tyler Naugle/BuzzFeed

Does looking at your neighbor's front lawn have you green with envy? Makes sense, considering their roses are perfectly perky, their foliage is always maintained, and their bougainvillea is growing wild all year long. Always consider planting the seed that you might need some help with these at-home landscapers.

2. The Holiday Enthusiast

Andrea Hickey/Tyler Naugle/BuzzFeed

Their house lights up your block every year. Ever need to borrow any extra eggnog? These neighbors are the place to go! Festive is their middle name, they're never short of all the trimmings. A great resource for some festive inspiration or holiday spirit!

3. The Elected Official

Andrea Hickey/Tyler Naugle/BuzzFeed

Every neighborhood needs a unified voice. Luckily for this neighbor, all committee meetings are always organized, all lawn signs are always prepared to go, and a sense of community is always around the corner. Make sure to join into the association, and see how you can help the neighborhood!

4. The On-Call Babysitter

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Just because they haven't started college yet, doesn't mean they want to hang around and watch video games all day! The on-call babysitter can whip up your kids' favorite dish stat, entertain them endlessly, and elicit a smile from them when they're grumpy. Need some "me time?" Don't hesitate to give them a ring!

5. The Neighborhood Watcher

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This neighbor is always looking out for what's best for the 'hood. It's a hefty job to know who's remodeling what, who is out of town on vacation, and who parked his or her car in front of so-and-so's parking spot! They're your expert on all of the happenings in the hood.