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10 Trips To Take That Will Actually Teach You Something

These trips will expand your mind beyond belief. No matter where you go, State Farm® is here to guide you forward.

1. Working on an organic farm in South America.

WWOOF-USA connects sustainable farmers all over the world with willing volunteers in an exchange of education and culture. A great way to get your hands dirty while promoting ecological farming practices!

2. Relaxing at an ashram in India.

Today the term "ashram" represents an Indian retreat filled with activities such as yoga, music study, or religious instruction. These peaceful sanctuaries are perfect for those seeking some Zen and spiritual awakening.

3. Taking a wilderness survival course in Utah.

BOSS, the Boulder Outdoor Survival School, is the oldest traditional living/survival school in the world. Adventure seekers can come here to learn useful survival skills in a primitive environment.

4. Living on a kibbutz in Israel.

These collectives offer a voluntary democratic community where people live and work together on a non-competitive basis. Today some 270 kibbutzim, varying in size from 80 to over 2,000 people, are scattered throughout Israel. Living in a communal environment like this offers countless lessons in cooperation and teamwork.

5. Volunteering at a local school in Africa.

Volunteer Africa is just one volunteering organization that pairs willing volunteers with volunteer opportunities in Africa. Volunteers can work on an array of projects, to further community development and offer aid to those in need.

6. Hiking the Inca Trail in Peru.

In just 26 miles, the Inca Trail manages to fit in stunning mountain scenery, lush cloud forest, subtropical jungle, and ancient Inca carvings. The final destination is the breathtaking Machu Picchu, the mysterious "Lost City of the Incas." Machu Picchu is among the greatest artistic and architectural marvels and the most significant legacy of the Inca civilization. Ideal for those seeking both adventure and a rich history lesson.

7. Exploring the stunning landscape in Iceland.

Iceland has an incredible mix of massive glaciers, breathtaking hot springs, and rugged fjords. Many venture here to hike under the midnight sun and explore the starkly beautiful wilderness of the ice fields. Iceland is a playground of geological wonders, a great destination for those in pursuit of stunning natural landscape.

8. Taking a culinary class in Italy.

Italy offers an array of different cooking classes where you can learn traditional Italian recipes and experience world-class wine tours. Experiencing Italy through its food and wines allows you to truly live la dolce vita.

9. Teaching English in Japan.

Teaching a language abroad can be an enriching experience where participants can develop strong relationships through education and recreational exchange activities. The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme is aimed at promoting grassroots international exchange between Japan and other nations.

10. Embarking on a safari tour in South Africa.

One of the world's most sought-after safari destinations, South Africa has no shortage of rugged landscapes, vast wilderness, and incredible wildlife. This trip offers exposure to many exotic animals and lays down the facts about endangered species.

No matter where you embark, State Farm® is here to help.