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Tell Us The Most Important Lesson You Learned From Music Education

State Farm supports aspiring young musicians across the country.

Were you called "band geek," "choir nerd," or "theater dork," back in school?

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Then you know that there's nothing wrong with knowing how to carry a tune...and maybe even harmonize with one.

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Whether you now do music in your professional life or just as a hobby, chances are music education taught you something other than scales and arpeggios.

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With that in mind, what are some important lessons you learned from your music education that don't have anything to do with actual music?

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Did your theater troupe teach you that it takes a variety of personalities and talents to get the job done?

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Or maybe your marching band taught you that while perfection is unattainable, repetition and muscle memory can get you pretty close.

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Maybe your a cappella group taught you the value of chemistry between performers both on and off the stage.

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We received so many responses from people sharing their music education experiences, and we chose some of our favorites in a separate post. Learn more about how State Farm is helping to bring music education opportunities to students!

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