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7 Small Ways To Be The Best Dang Neighbor You Can Be Right Now

Now more than ever, being a good neighbor can go a long way. State Farm is here to help.

1. Donate to a local food bank.

2. Send a handwritten letter.

3. Strike up conversation (from a safe distance) with those in your neighborhood who may be living alone.

4. And check in on those in your neighborhood who may be older and/or immunocompromised and could use a hand.

5. Educate yourself.

6. Surprise a coworker with a small, thoughtful gift in the mail.

7. Post an uplifting message on your window.

8. Or get crafty with cheerful sidewalk chalk imagery.

9. Ultimately, doing what you can to bring comfort to others while being mindful of your own needs is the best thing you can offer your community right now.

With 19,000 agents in just as many neighborhoods, like any good neighbor, State Farm has your back.