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How To Survive A Music Festival (And Actually Have Fun)

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1. Choose your partner(s) in crime carefully.

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Make sure you have friends you can count on - you'll want them to be those friends you know you can be vulnerable around (in case you have a meltdown) and someone you trust will stick to your buddy system no matter what.

2. Come up with a solid plan of attack.

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Make a reasonable schedule, nail down your game plan, and don’t change it. Some of your favorite bands could be playing at the same time, but if you don't make up your mind on which one you'd rather see ahead of time, you'll end up losing a lot of time roaming the festival grounds.

3. Your body is 70% water - fill it.


Bottled water can be overpriced at certain festivals, so check what you're allowed to bring in and BYO water bottle or pouch if you can. Drinking water will you keep you happy and feeling good during those extra-long band sets. But this means...

4. Bring extra toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

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Trust us on this one, things can get pretty...real, in the port-a-potties, and you won't want to be caught without either item when the time comes.

5. Prepare for all kinds of weather. Sunscreen is important.

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Horrible lobster sunburns are not only embarrassing and painful, but truly bad for your health. Pack some SPF (at least 30) and reapply every two hours.

7. And don't forget your close-toed shoes.

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Wearing your super-comfy flip flops might seem logical at first, but mud is all too common at outdoor festivals, and slogging through it with bare feet is not anything you want to get into.

8. Go easy on the social networking.

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Not only will you annoy all your friends back home by clogging their feed with all the fun you're having, but you'll miss a lot of the experience if you're busy picking the right filter for that selfie the whole time.

9. But don't let your phone go uncharged.

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Portable chargers are no longer clunky and unsightly, so you can recharge in style and text those friends you lost track of during Justin Timberlake's set without any worry. In case your phone does die....

10. Bring a team beacon.

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If you're in a big group, designate someone who can carry your group's flag or bandanna in big crowds. If you lose a member, just wave the designated group marker in the air and the stragglers will be able to make their way to you in no time.

11. Don't be afraid to rock a fanny pack.

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It's not the coolest look on earth, but you'll be happy to be walking around with your back and arms unencumbered by bags. Don't forget to stash some extra cash in that fanny pack in case of little emergencies!

14. Treat your ears right.

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You never know how close to the sound system you might end up standing. Ear plugs will make the entire experience more pleasant, and save you from getting some major ear ringing later on.