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15 Feelings That Everyone Has When Moving Into A New Place

NO BROKER FEE! State Farm has you covered so you can feel all the feelings.

1. When you bravely reject re-signing a lease...

2. ...and suddenly, irreversibly sign the new one.

3. When the smell of cardboard invades...

4. ...and you must decide which furniture will survive.

5. When, while packing, you unearth old notes that you thought were surely lost.

6. When you spend your final moments in your old place looking at it from brand new angles.


8. And after you've spent all day filling it.

9. When you wake up early for the cable guy...


10. ...but he doesn't show up until the very last possible minute.

11. When night falls and every noise in the new place freaks you out.

12. When you get a perfect fit.

13. When you swing and miss, and then just cover it up with another photo because whatever.

14. Every time you finish furnishing an entire room.


15. And when your mattress arrives and nothing else matters other than the fact that you're finally home.

Moving is an exciting (and sometimes stressful) time. Let State Farm help ease the process.