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14 Reasons Why Siblings Are The Greatest

Siblings share a special bond, one forged over a lifetime of mutual assistance. The separated-at-birth siblings, Chris and Cliff Paul, know a thing or two about assisting. Decide who you're supporting with #AssistLikeChris or #AssistLikeCliff.

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1. They help you overcome obstacles

2. And make the perfect co-stars

3. They assist you with annoying chores

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4. And feel bad about their mistakes

5. They energize you

Aislinn Ritchie / Via Flickr: richteabiscuit

6. And keep you company

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7. They cheer you on in victory

8. Share your sadness in defeat

9. And sometimes let you go first

10. They help you look your best

11. And they're the only ones who truly understand your parents

12. They don't change much over the years

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13. From the moment they first meet

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14. Siblings are there to assist

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