13 Best Things About Getting Your First Apartment

No parents, no rules. Renting your first apartment can be one of the most exciting time in one’s life - don’t believe us? Read ahead and learn helpful rental tips at State Farm Nation.

1. Saying goodbye to the mini fridge once and for all.

Dehydration Nation / Via instagram.com

2. And decorating said fridge however your heart desires.

Find out how to DIY your own alphabet fridge magnets here.

3. Not having to worry about someone interrupting your unique fitness rituals.

Learn some easy workout moves you can do at home without equipment (and without bothering your cat) here.

4. Finally getting to make your home decor dreams come true.

Raphael Victorian / Via instagram.com

5. And having the opportunity to get as creative as you want with your walls.

Gabbie / Via instagram.com

Find out how to make easy flower wall stencils here.

6. Singing in the shower as loud as you want.

7. Sleeping in peace, however late you want.

Makeupy Cats / Via instagram.com

8. Dancing like nobody's watching - anytime, any day.

9. No pants, no problem.

Peretz Partensky / Via Flickr: ifl

10. Pizza for breakfast? Go for it!

_babyshooz_ / Via instagram.com

Get the recipe here.

11. Letting the dirty laundry pile up just because you can.

Victoria Romero / Via instagram.com

12. And when it's time to clean it all up, saving money by making your own soap.

kelegirl6 / Via instagram.com

Get the DIY instructions here.

13. Watching whatever you want on TV. Goodbye remote control fights!

Check out these DIY instructions on how to turn your smartphone into a universal remote here.

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