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10 Tricks To Motivate You To Hit The Gym

Working out is hard to do, but we believe in you! These little tips might help you get to a better state. Brought to you by State Farm®.

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3. Schedule your work out around your favorite TV show.


This will give your daily visit to the gym a common thread, and keep you from staring at the clock (or the people around you) during your session on the treadmill.

8. Set up little rewards along the way.


Pushed through to an extra 5 miles on the treadmill? Time for a fancy juice drink. Didn't miss a workout sesh all month? Treat yourself to a fancy manicure! Make sure you set up and write down these rewards ahead of time to keep yourself from going overboard.

9. Crowdsource a new awesome workout mix for you to rock out to every month.


Invite your friends to drop in their favorite upbeat jams in a Spotify playlist whenever you grow tired of your old playlist. The excitement of discovering what they've suggested for you will be enough to get you moving.

10. Turn your work out into a friendly competition.

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Apps like Fitocracy allow you to track your workout and accrue points depending on what you did. You can share it with your friends and go head to head to see who is the fitness champion in your group of friends.