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10 Tips To Help You Get A Job You Love

Getting a job you love is easier than it sounds. Just find what it is you want to do and get creative with the application process, the odds are in your favor! These helpful tips are brought to you by State Farm®.

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2. Keep an open mind.


Finding a job is no easy feat, especially if you have your heart set on a specific company or job title. Stay optimistic and keep at it, you'll be surprised what surprising career opportunities you will find.

3. You could try marketing yourself as a real product.


Online résumés have become increasingly popular, especially for tech-related jobs. Find a format that will grab your future employer's attention, like web product manager Philippe Dubost's personal spin on an Amazon product page.

7. Or get their attention by utilizing their own product.

Dani Morrison / Via Twitter: @UrSourcingPrtnr

This applicant for a Starbucks manager position wrote his résumé directly on the back the coffee chain's ubiquitous Venti cup, earning the attention and praise of a company recruiter.