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12 Reasons It Would Be Outlandish To Miss "Outlander"

Don't be a Sassenach! Travel into the past with Outlander — new episodes every Saturday at 9 ET/PT on STARZ.

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1. Because it combines three guilty pleasure genres in one show: historical, fantasy, and romance.

2. Because the hero, Claire, is a fearless protagonist who also — what's it called? — oh yeah: TRAVELS THROUGH TIME.

3. Because you'll fall in love with Jamie, the sweetest, sexiest Scotsman ever to grace your television screen.

4. Because all that tartan makes the sex scenes even sexier.

5. Because this is one of the dogs that guards the castle... and our hearts:

6. Because the Scottish scenery is so beautiful, it deserves a show all to itself.

7. Because the villain is PURE EVIL... and he looks exactly like Claire's husband in the modern day.

8. Because you'll learn to speak Gaelic (pronounced Gah-lick).

There are even video tutorials!

9. Because there will be plenty of this...

10. ...requiring plenty of this:

11. Because the men wear their wool the old-fashioned way.

12. Because of all the men in kilts.

Catch the new series Outlander — the kilt drops with new episodes every Saturday night at 9 ET/PT on STARZ.

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All images courtesy Starz.