Introducing BuzzFeed’s Cool New Tool:!

The BuzzFeed Community is awesome at creating lists! Imagine what would happen if you could all collaborate together on lists and vote on the best ones. That’s what you can do with!

1. What’s

We created so BuzzFeed employees could collaborate on lists and ideas … and just share fun, interesting stuff with each other. Now we’re opening it up to everyone, and we want YOU to be some of the first people to try it out!!

2. Ever tried to come up with a list idea on your own and it’s just not working?

3. Ever been curious about what your friends could add to your lists?

4. Well, everything’s better with friends, right??

5. Creepy guy thinks so…

Yeah, that’s just creepy…

6. OK… where was I? …

7. Ah, right! Introducing!!

8. At, you only need to START a list… and everyone else can add to it.

You only need a good title and at least one image to start. Your friends can add to it and vote on their favorites.

9. The more people add to lists and vote on images, the more they rise to the top!

So share stuff you make with your friends.

10. And that’s it!

We’re super excited about and hope you will be, too. The BuzzFeed Community creates the best stuff, so we’re really looking forward to seeing what you can do with

For starters, see what you can add to “What Is The Picture That Destroys You Every Time You See It?

Learn more here.

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