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19 Reasons Why Being Single Is Actually Pretty Awesome

There's really nothing better. It's time to celebrate this wonderful advantage you have and enjoy the benefits of the single life. Like, how cool is it to have single-serve StarKist Tuna Creations®, all to yourself? Pretty cool, my friends. Pretty darn cool.

1. When you're single, you can do things that other people don't find "socially acceptable."

2. There's nobody in your house always getting in your way.

3. When it comes to movie choices, you get to watch w.h.a.t.e.v.e.r your heart desires.

4. Oh, and the popcorn? All yours, baby.

5. You don't have to compromise about your decor choices.

6. Don't feel like hanging out with anyone tonight? Do you have any commitments to anyone?!

7. Because you'd rather spend your night doing the things that are most important to you.

8. You get to test out new talents without anyone sitting in the corner judging you.

9. And do crazy dances around the house like nobody's watching... BECAUSE NO ONE IS!

10. Ain't nobody telling you what you can and can't buy at the grocery store.

11. To others, this is a disaster. To you, it's normal... and that's perfectly okay.

12. Never again do you have to worry about who's picking up the check at dinner.

13. While your friends are dealing with texts like this all night...

14.'re partying it UP with your single friends without any obligations!

15. You realize how amazing it feels to be independent.

16. Want to experiment with your wardrobe? Go for it.

17. Oh, and after a long day... get the WHOLE bed...


18. Case in point: Things just get more complicated when there's someone else.

19. You are single and LIVIN' THE DREAM!