13 Reasons You Couldn’t Contain Your Excitement For School Lunches

It was a much simpler time, but it was also the most epic hour of your life. It’s time to bring back that magic to lunch, and with the delicious flavors of StarKist Tuna Creations® YOU have the control to make lunch epic again.

There you were… sitting in class. Bored, tired, and hungry.

And then, the bell rings and it’s LUNCHTIME!

1. You ran to see your friends from other classes that you hadn’t seen all day.

It felt so good to be reunited.

2. You couldn’t wait to show off your new themed lunch box that EVERYONE was going to be jealous about.

Dee Speed / Via Flickr: badgurl

3. You hurried to open your lunch to see how creative your parents were.

4. And to see the fun notes they would leave you!

CJ Sorg / Via Flickr: cjsorg

You’d pretend to be embarrassed, but you secretly missed them even more.

5. You had to look through your inventory to debate what was valuable for the epic food trade.


6. Or you had some other serious trading business to take care of.


7. You got to see your favorite lunch lady who always had your back and sneaked you a little something extra.

Universal Pictures / Via uncoverostomy.org

8. If you were lucky enough to snag a chocolate milk carton before they ran out, you felt like you won the lottery.

loop_oh / Via Flickr: loop_oh

9. And the ONE day you got to lunch and they were serving pizza was like Christmas morning.

A pizza party? At SCHOOL?!

10. You found out ALLLLL the school gossip you just had to hear.

KidStock / Getty

11. You spent a lot of your time figuring out your future.


12. And when you were done eating, it dawned on you what came next…


And THAT, boys and girls, was the end to the best hour of your life.

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