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11 Ways To Actually Enjoy Your Lunch At The Office

Same old boring lunch at your desk? Believe it or not, there’s a way to look forward to your lunch again… and here are some great tips to make your office lunch more enjoyable. And with StarKist Tuna Creations'® five delicious flavors, you can spruce up a drab salad or wrap for a different lunch every day of the week!

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1. Invest in a high-quality "adult" lunch box.


Remember when we were little our lunch box was the best part about our day? Well, bring that magic back, but update it with a more sophisticated and practical one to enjoy your lunch with.

2. Cut and prepare your fruit at home without it browning by lunch.


It's nice to have a side of sliced fruit, but by the time you want it for lunch it doesn't look so appetizing. Try this simple tip of squeezing lemon juice over the fruit after you sliced it so it keeps its color throughout the day.

4. Pack delicious salads in jars to keep the ingredients fresh.

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A fantastic trick that will never let you down. After picking out your favorite salad recipe, layer the ingredients from wet on the bottom to dry on the top. That way, everything will stay fresh for when you're ready to mix together and enjoy! Get some awesome salad ideas

5. Be smart about how you build your sandwich.

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Yes, there is an art form to packing your sandwiches so that the bread stays dry and fresh as the day goes on. Check out these fantastic tips so you'll never eat a soggy sandwich again!

6. Create a delicious home-cooked meal right at your desk.

Yes, this is a real thing that might change your life. Prepare your ingredients the night before, and right when you get into work plug it in and let this slow cooker do its thing. After a few hours, you'll have an amazing meal ready for you to enjoy!

7. Go out and take a walk!


Usually you have some time to kill once you're done with your lunch. Because you've been sitting all day, go take a nice quick walk around the block. Your body will love you for it and you'll have more energy when you get back to work.

8. Never deal with the office refrigerator ever again!


Ahhh... the nightmare of the crowded refrigerator. There are plenty of ways you can still have an awesome meal without having to sacrifice your lunch to the "fridge of doom." Check out some awesome lunch recipes you don't have to refrigerate, or make your own ice pack to keep your lunch cool on a budget.



Studies have shown that sitting at your desk makes you more stressed and less creative at your job. Eating away from your desk allows your brain to take a little break so you can come back refreshed and be more productive.

11. Find a group of people in your office and create a "Lunch Club."

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It's always better to do things in groups. Find a group of people that you enjoy hanging around at the office and start a Lunch Club. Set a specific time every day, have a specific place you want to meet, and take the hour to enjoy the company!