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16 Juicy Questions That May Never Be Answered

The juicy truth is potentially out there. Just like how Starburst will always be unexplainably juicy.

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1. If Sally sells seashells down by the she making any money?

2. If cooked beef patties are hamburgers, are cooked ham patties...beefburgers?


3. Where are all the pigeon babies?

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4. If lots of foods taste like chicken, why aren't eggs one of them?

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5. Does having a lot of electric cords make you a better musician?


6. Does coffee make bronchitis worse?

7. If your watch tells you the time, why doesn't your stare tell you the future?


8. Do nursery rhymes ever get better?

9. If comedians sit down, do stand-up events have to be canceled?

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10. As fewer TV shows end up on TVs, will they start being called “laptop shows”?


11. Have dogs ever adopted otter puppies?

12. If the human body is more than 60% water and it takes water to live, are we all...cannibals?


13. Should we call the news something else, since it's old when we get it?

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14. Does learning new things mean learning the ideas you thought were right...are actually wrong?

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15. If wearing glasses makes your sight better, does drinking from glasses make your beverage better?


16. Is it possible to go to a juice bar...and order a juice bar?

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Some questions may never get their juicy answers — like how Starburst got so unexplainably juicy.

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