18 Reasons We Love The State Fair

State fairs are one of the best things about the month of August. Here’s what you can expect to see and do on a typical day at the fair, brought to you by Starbucks Frappuccino®.

1. You start the day by making friends with goats.

2. And a pig.

3. If you're lucky, you might even meet a monkey riding a dog.

Joe Shlabotnik / Via Flickr: joeshlabotnik

4. After the animals, you make a quick detour to see some butter sculptures.

Joe Shlabotnik / Via Flickr: joeshlabotnik

5. And then you try your luck at horribly rigged games of chance.

6. You see the guy next to you win, which makes you keep handing over five dollar bills.

7. If you happen to beat the odds, you walk away with a fabulous prize.

Rasta Frog

8. After the games, you head to the rides.

PhotoAtelier / Via Flickr: glenbledsoe

9. You start off slow on the Ferris Wheel.

10. …and slowly ramp up the spinning…

11. …until you're spinning so fast you can't take it anymore.

holia / Via Flickr: holia

12. Once you have full-blown motion sickness, it's time to head for some food.

Phil Roeder / Via Flickr: tabor-roeder

13. Nothing beats a slab of meat on a stick.

14. Or corn on a stick.

15. Or, if you're crazy, deep-fried butter on a stick.

This is a staple of the Iowa State Fair.

16. After you've stuffed yourself, you walk off your food coma as the sun goes down.

Kevin Dooley / Via Flickr: pagedooley

17. You experience the evening lights…

18. And the fireworks put an exclamation point at the end of an amazing, gluttonous, and dizzy day.

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