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14 Unusual Ways People Are Beating The Heat

The dog days of summer are upon us. Here are thirteen clever ways to cool off, brought to you by Starbucks Frappuccino®.

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1. If your pool isn't cold enough, add liquid nitrogen.

Penguicon / Via

That's what these chemistry students did.

2. Or build a mobile pool in the back of your truck.


Add bubbles to spice things up.

3. You can shower under a waterfall.


Or shower and dance under a waterfall.

4. Or find an uncapped fire hydrant.


You might have to ask a friendly neighborhood firefighter to open it for you.

5. If you can't find a fire hydrant, a yard sprinkler will work just as well.

6. Re-enact the Revolutionary War with squirt guns.

Improv Everywhere / Via

7. Or visit an indoor rainstorm.


This summer at New York's MOMA, visitors can walk around a rain room. Sensors track your movement and prevent you from getting soaked.

8. Explore an underground cave.


Underground caves maintain a consistent chilly temperature. They are great places to hide out.

9. Or visit the Arctic Circle.

There are occasionally cheap tickets available to places like Iceland and Alaska. If you can swing it, you'll be super cold, with the added bonus of 24 hours of daylight.

10. You can stand in front of a high-powered fan.

11. Or sit on the fan.

12. You can head to one of the rare ski slopes that's open in the summer.


Palmer Glacier on Oregon's Mt. Hood is one place where you can ski into late July.

13. Or if you have the money, you can make your own snow.

Icer Air 2005 / Via

These skiers turned Lombard Street in San Francisco into a ski jump.

14. If you're STILL struggling to cool off, you can always grab a Starbucks Frappuccino®.