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10 Morning Routines You’ll Actually Want To Wake Up For

So you’re ready to revamp your morning routine? Awesome! Here are some tips to get you excited about starting your day on the right foot.

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1. ...but in that time you could also make time for a cardio workout, like walking your dog...

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Exercise gets the endorphins flowing, and what better time to feel happy and energized than at the start of the day?

2. ...or do some light stretching...

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The benefits of stretching aren't just physical. Taking the time to stretch out your muscles can do wonders for stress release and help you calm your mind before starting your day.

5. ...try making a smoothie with leftover fruit or vegetables...

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Place all your ingredients into a bag and keep them in the freezer. All you have to do in the morning is put them in the blender, add milk, and blend!

6. ...or experiment with overnight oats.

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They taste as good as they look, and the combinations are endless. Try adding peanut butter and chopped banana to oats with a sprinkle of chia seeds.

8. ...but in that time you could write out a gratitude list...

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Taking the time to feel grateful basically gives you superpowers. The list of benefits includes increased self-esteem, better sleep, stronger relationships, and increased energy!

10. ...or try a simple five-minute guided meditation before you start your day.

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Did you know that meditation can actually have a physical effect on your brain? A 2009 study showed that people who practiced meditation regularly for anywhere between five and 46 years "had more gray matter in regions of the brain that are important for attention, emotion regulation, and mental flexibility."