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13 Questions We Have For High Schoolers Today

So. Many. Questions. But one we don’t have is where to get 110% ready to head back to school: Staples!

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1. Do you guys still eat in the cafeteria?

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Also, do people Instagram cafeteria lunches like they do brunch? #pizzaday

2. And have you ever used a physical encyclopedia, that you checked out from the library?

Or does the internet know all and tell all?
Ryhor Bruyeu / Getty Images / Via Thinkstock

Or does the internet know all and tell all?

3. How does your teacher feel about using cell phones in class?

Not that you would make a call in class, or even in general.

4. Do you still pass each other notes, or do you guys just text each other everything?

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Do you draw emojis if you're not texting?

5. How do you avoid spoilers for the book you're reading in class when the movie version is easily streamable online?

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Also, do you still use Cliffs Notes?

6. Do you still use a graphing calculator, and do you have games preloaded on it?

Do you know how to spell "hello" with numbers?

7. How hard is it to divide your time between homework and Facebook?


Or is Facebook uncool now because your mom friended you?

8. Do you ever try to find your teachers on social media?


You shouldn't do that.

9. How do you find and listen to new music?

And who's cooler? Little Mix or Fifth Harmony?
Antonio_diaz / Getty Images / Via Thinkstock

And who's cooler? Little Mix or Fifth Harmony?

10. Does your classroom even have a chalkboard?

Have you ever had to clap erasers?

11. Do you still use a notebook to take notes, or is it all on laptops and tablets now?

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Does that make things easier?

12. Do you know how to write in cursive?

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Do your hands cramp up?

13. And, most importantly, do you guys have '90s-themed parties like we had '80s-themed parties?

Do us proud.
Connor J Burton / CC BY 2.0 / Via Flickr: connorjburton

Do us proud.

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