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The 10 Most 'Merican Video Games

Video games are the most American form of entertainment but some games are all about the glory that is 'Merica. Here are a few examples of the most 'Merican games one really needs to play on the 4th of July.

Stan Rezaee 3 years ago

10 Things People Need To Stop "Hating"

Some people or organizations have made the effort to earn the public's hate (like Pharma Bro, Ted Cruz or Electronic Arts). Then there are those who seem to only be hated because its cool to hate them.

Stan Rezaee 4 years ago

10 Reasons Why Cigar Friends Are The Best Friends

After a long week, its time to relax with a few good friends at a chill spot. One could go to a bar and get drunk or relax at a cigar lounge. Here is why it may be better to have cigar buddies over drinking buddies.

Stan Rezaee 4 years ago

15 Games That Disappointed You In 2015

Every gamer have had this problem, they have waited for a title for several years only for it to be a disappointment. 2015 had its fair share of games that were a disappointment, failed to live up or were just total crap.

Stan Rezaee 4 years ago

20 Video Games From 2015 You Should Be Playing

As the year comes to an end, its time to reflect back on the most memorable games that nobody should have missed. If you're a real gamer then these are the titles you should have played sometime in 2015.

Stan Rezaee 4 years ago