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The 10 Most 'Merican Video Games

Video games are the most American form of entertainment but some games are all about the glory that is 'Merica. Here are a few examples of the most 'Merican games one really needs to play on the 4th of July.

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10. Homefront

Stan Rezaee

There is no force more powerful in the universe than the will power of America and nobody has embodied this principle more then John Milius with Homefront. When North Korea invades America, a resistance group must help plan to liberate the West Cost.

9. Duke Nukem: Forever

Duke Nukem is the ultimate embodiment of how awesome America is. When aliens attack Las Vegas (the greatest symbol of American freedom) and start stealing all the babes, Duke Nukem must save the world.

7. America's Army

America's Army

What would it be like if the military made their own version of Counter-Strike? The answer: America's Army. A tactical multiplayer shooter created by US Army, this game teaches players how real heroes operate in the battlefield.

6. Assassin's Creed III


Witness the birth of America through the eyes of an Assassin. When the Templar's plot to take over the New World, a young Assassin must work the Founding Fathers while hacking and slashing the Red Coats.

Assassin's Creed III is both a great work of historical fiction and an excuse to scream "MMMMMEEEEEEEEEEELL GIBSON" while playing a video game.

4. Modern Warfare trilogy

When the enemies of Freedom threaten the peace of the world, America must lead the battle. In the game that defined the shooter genre, players fight the enemies of Freedom across the global and on the home front.

2. Saints Row IV

When the evil Zin Empire invades Earth, its up to The Boss (now the President of the United States) to lead The Saints in a battle for freedom. It's basically Independence Day with a lot more kicks to the junk.

1. Metal Wolf Chaos


No list of 'Merican games is every complete without mentioning this Metal Wolf Chaos, a game so 'Merican that it makes every other game on this list look communist by comparison. The evil Richard Hawk takes over the country in a coup and its up to President Wilson to save America using a Metal Wolf mech.

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