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10 Facts About The American Revolution You Never Knew

Many Americans think they know the story of the American Revolution, but there is much that schools leave out. Here are 10 facts about the American Revolution that many don't know.

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10. A child of the Age of Enlightenment


The Age of Enlightenment was a philosophical movement in Western Civilization that focused on reason while challenged the concept of absolute rule along with the political power of organized religion. The American Revolution was born out of this movement as the Constitution was inspired by the works of these philosophers.

9. The Founding Fathers and the Age of Enlightenment


One of the reasons why the Age of Enlightenment heavily influenced the American Revolution was because several of the Founding Fathers were also philosphers that contributed to the movement. The most notable of the American philosophers were Benjiman Franklin along with President Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

8. Morocco was the first country to recognize America


Sultan Muhammad III made the kingdoms port open to merchants from the United States in 1777, becoming the first country to recognize America as a sovereign nation. The relationship was officially formalized with the Moroccan–American Treaty of Friendship, signed in 1786.

7. The Revolution was a World War

The Revolutionary War was not just limited to the colonies as it was a major global conflict. Battles were also fought in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Africa and the East Indies. Still upset over the Seven Year War, several major European nations used the American Revolution as a way to stick it to the British Empire.

6. The European Theater


Pledging their support to America, the Kingdom of Spain unsuccessfully attempted to capture Gibraltar. Nationalists in Ireland also pledged their support to America and started an uprising. Meanwhile a group of privateers attempted to burn the Royal Fleet but were captured before they could carry out their plan.

5. Asian and East Indies Theater


In response to France supporting the America Revolution, British forces attacked their colonies in India. This was followed by French forces attacking British outposts in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, the Dutch Republic attacked British outposts in the Pacific and Indian Ocean.

4. The African Theater


The French made several attempted to take British colonies in Africa while hitting their merchant ships off the Barbary Cost. Meanwhile, Dutch forces in South Africa attempted to cripple British positions in the region.

3. The Caribbean Theater


Several attempts were made to capture British outpost in the Caribbean in a joint operation between the French, Spanish, Dutch and American forces. The Dutch Navy also attempted several attacks on British forces in Central America.

2. Revolution and the rise of Nationalism


The success of the American Revolution inspired similar revolutions across Europe and in Latin America. First it started with the French Revolution followed by the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte and the spreading of European Nationalism. In Central and South America, nationalists took advantage of the Napoleon Wars to win their independence from Spain.

1. Help usher the Industrial Revolution


Because of his poor leadership that resulted in the loss of the American colonies, King George III was forced to hand most of his political responsibilities over to Parliament. With free time, George III studied and wrote about effective farming technics while establishing the foundations for the Agricultural Revolution. This became the catalysis for what would become the Industrial Revolution.

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