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    Unlikely Allies: 30 Countries You'd Never Believe Have Supporters Of Israel

    Citizens from countries which are known for their opposition to Israel show their unwavering love and support for the Jewish state and their solidarity against terror which impacts innocent civilians all over the world.

    1. Afghanistan

    2. Algeria

    3. Bolivia

    4. Brunei

    5. Burkina Faso

    6. Cuba

    7. Egypt

    8. Iran

    9. Iraq

    10. Kurdistan

    11. Indonesia

    12. Jordan

    13. Kyrgyzstan

    14. Lebanon

    15. Malaysia

    16. Morocco

    17. Namibia

    18. Oman

    19. Pakistan

    20. Qatar

    21. Saudi Arabia

    22. Syria

    23. Tunisia

    24. Turkey

    25. Uzbekistan

    26. Yemen



    29. Egyptian Citizen Message of Support

    View this video on YouTube

    An Egyptian citizen, Ahmad, sent us this special video message in support of Israel in Arabic and English during Israel's conflict with Gaza. We applaud his bravery and thank him for speaking out against Hamas terror.

    30. Palestinian Authority

    All around the world, people from all walks of life have spoken out against terror and in favor of Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. Thank you to each and every one of you.

    These photos were part of a project by StandWithUs in which individuals from over 135 different countries submitted a photo of their passport and expressed support for Israel. You can see the entire album of over 2000 submissions here.