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    10 Ways Israel Makes The World A Better Place

    From cutting-edge technology to delicious hummus to humanitarian aid - that tiny country in the Middle East sure has a lot to offer the world.

    10. Instant Messenger, Computers, Cell Phones

    Okay let's be real. Who wasn't obsessed with ICQ and/or AIM? We may have moved on to bigger and better things like Whatsapp and Facebook chat, but all that instant messaging technology was developed by Israelis.

    Not a chatter? Don't worry, most of the standard microprocessing chips that run your computer were also designed and developed by Israelis.

    Israel has become such a stronghold for cutting edge technology in the last few decades that it's earned the nickname "The Start-Up Nation."

    9. Life-Saving Military Technology

    As a country constantly facing war and terrorism, Israelis have learned how to not let daily rockets affect their lives -- or at least minimize such effects. In response to the thousands of rockets fired at southern Israel from Gaza, Israel has developed cutting edge technology to alert citizens when a rocket is coming. This detection system sets off alarms and gives Israelis 15 to 45 seconds (depending on the city) to seek shelter. Israel has also developed the Iron Dome which is an advanced missile defense technology that shoots down rockets before they hit the ground in Israel.

    8. Nobel Prize Winners

    Despite being the size of New Jersey, Israel has a record number of Nobel Prize winners who have helped discover new breakthroughs...

    Just last year, Professor Aryeh Warshal won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, but what's another Israeli Nobel Prize winner?

    7. Lighting Up Africa

    Via Facebook: innoafrica

    Innovation Africa is an Israeli organization dedicated to bringing Israeli innovation to African villages. Founded in 2008, in five years Innovation Africa has provided light, clean water, food and proper medical care to more than 450,000 people in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda.

    6. First Responders

    No matter what the disaster is, Israel is always the first to send out help.

    In 1998 when there was severe flooding in Central America, Israel dispatched a team of Spanish-speaking doctors and nurses to Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala to assist with the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch.

    In 2010, there was an earthquake that nearly destroyed Haiti's capital. Israel responded by sending multiple medical & rescue teams to assist in operations. The IDF also established the first field hospital in Port-au-Prince.

    In 2009 and 2013, the Philippines were struck by typhoons that claimed thousands of lives. Israel dispatched humanitarian aid, search & rescue squads and medical teams to aid in both relief operations.

    Israel has also been a first responder to other natural disasters and terrorist attacks in Kenya, Japan, and more.

    5. Diverse Culture


    As the only true democracy in the Middle East, Israel serves as a refuge for many people who may be persecuted in nearby nations. Israel is the only country in which woman, gays, and all groups of people have free expression, free speech, and equal rights. Look no further than Tel Aviv's Annual Gay Pride parade!

    4. Ahava Dead Sea Products

    Botox, step aside! Ahava Dead Sea skin products have been healing skin imperfections since 1988. Ahava uses mineral compounds from the lowest point on earth - the Dead Sea, which is famous for it's mineral-rich mud (and salt content so high you'll float!).

    3. Health and Medicine


    Israel has long been a leader in medical research. Some of their many medical advancements include: a biological pacemaker; DNA nana-computer that detects cancer cells – then releases combating drugs; stem-cell technology to regenerate heart tissue; a pill-camera that examines the small intestine; the first full computerized diagnostic instrument for breast cancer detection; development of heart pump synchronization device, the Upsee harness to help children with cerebral palsy, and a new tool to help those who are paralyzed to walk again!

    2. Israeli hummus and other food

    One of Israel's greatest gifts to the world is of course Israeli hummus, and Israeli salad, and shawarma, and falafel, and shakshuka, and jachnun, and baba ganoush, and sabih and well, you get the point. We like Israeli food. A little limonana to top it all off never hurts either.

    Happy nomming!

    1. Saving Hearts


    Save A Child's Heart is the Israeli humanitarian organization that provides life-saving heart surgeries to children around the world, but especially in developing countries. SACH also works to create centers of pediatric care in developing countries to help make like a little better for the future generations.

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