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10 Hamas Crimes Against Humanity

Hamas terror organization has been perpetrating crimes against the people of Israel and the people of Gaza.

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1. "Aerial Russian Roulette": Indiscriminate Rocket Fire

In the last month, Hamas (and other terror organizations in Gaza) have fired over 3,500 rockets, indiscriminately, at Israeli civilians.

Islamic Jihad "misfired" rockets from Gaza and hit a Gazan school and Hospital killing 8 children and 2 adults


On July 24, 2014, terrorist rockets "misfired" at an UNWRA school, killing 17 civilians. Instead of taking responsibility for their actions, Hamas blamed Israel for the civilians' deaths, using the incident as an opportunity to fuel the fire of hate against Israel.

Hamas has no control over where their rockets land. Rockets were fired at this Israeli hospital, endangering hundreds of newborn babies who had to be carried into stairwells to be kept safe. From Day 1, these Israelis live under fire. #IsraelUnderFire. These Children have not gone a day without being threatened by Hamas rocket fire.


...and injuring this 13-year-old Israeli Bedouin whose home was hit. Her name is Atil al-Vakili. When asked if she was ready to go home, Atili said, "I am scared to go home. I do not feel safe at home. I'm afraid it will happen again."

The missiles that are now being launched against Israel, each and every missile constitutes a crime against humanity, whether it hits or misses, because it is directed at civilian targets. Many of our people in Gaza appeared on TV and said that the Israelis warned them to evacuate their homes before the bombardment. In such a case, if someone is killed, the law considers it a mistake rather than an intentional killing because [the Israelis] followed the legal procedures. As for the missiles launched from our side, we never warn anyone about where this missiles are about to fall or about the operations we carry out.

Yarin Levi, 16-year-old Israeli, was critically injured after sustaining wounds caused by Hamas rocket fire.

Hamas rockets don't discriminate against any Israeli civilians. Their intention is to kill Israelis --- regardless of their religion, background, age, or gender.


The terror tunnels were built by Palestinian children. According to the Institute for Palestine studies, “At least 160 children have been killed in the tunnels, according to Hamas officials."

Child abuse and child labor are absolutely not beyond Hamas, who cares more for the deaths of Israeli children than they care for the lives of Palestinian children.

Each terror tunnels costs an average of $3 million dollars. Hamas has spent about $1.25 billion on these tunnels, money they could have spent on bettering Palestinian quality of life. Hamas, the official government of Gaza, could have invested the money on two hospitals, twenty schools, three towers and three malls.


In addition to storing weapons, Hamas also uses these facilities to mask terror tunnels and booby traps them to prevent Israeli soldiers from discovering them.

Earlier this week, three Israeli soldiers were killed and many were injured in a UN clinic which was booby trapped.

4. Deny Palestinians Basic Freedoms of Speech, Press, and Expression


Hamas limits Palestinian Freedom of Speech. Those who publicly disagree with Hamas are killed and dragged through the streets of Gaza on the back of motorcycles.


Hamas exercises no restraint in controlling the flow of information in and out of Gaza. They harass journalists who seek to report objectively about the conflict, threatening them from publishing stories about human rights violations committed by Hamas against Palestinian civilians.

Above is a tweet from Italian reporter Gabriele Barbati after leaving Gaza and being "far from Hamas retaliation", explaining that Hamas rocket aimed at Israeli children misfires and kills Palestinian children.

Hamas limits Freedom of Expression:

Hamas co-founder Mahmoud Zahar supports alienation, excommunication and execution of homosexuals in Gaza, saying, "You in the West do not live like human beings. You do not even live like animals. You accept homosexuality. And now you criticize us?"

5. Human Shields

In this ad, Hamas encourages Palestinians to stand on the roofs of buildings which serve as rocket launch sites and have been designated as targets by the IDF to "die as martyrs."

Hamas uses its people to protect its weapons. Israel uses its weapons to protect its people.

6. Violated Every Ceasefire -- Even Humanitarian Ceasefires.

Hamas has violated 6 ceasefires to date.

Most recently, Hamas violated the most recent ceasefire on August 8th, when they fired 40 rockets at Israeli civilians in less than 8 hours.

View this video on YouTube

France 24 Reporter (accidentally) catches Hamas rockets being fired 50 meters from international press lodges and 100 meters away from UN facilities.

This is Tamara, a four-legged hero.

Tamara was part of the Oketz unit of the IDF and was killed when Hamas booby trapped a home in Gaza - saving her handler's life.

Tamara was trained by the IDF to protect lives along with many other bomb-sniffing dogs who have also been killed by Hamas terrorists.

10. Hamas Forced Israel into a War it Never had any Intention of Waging

Hamas has wreaked havoc for the people of Gaza. Violating their basic rights such as freedom of speech, religion and expression; teaching violence and promoting hate; using children as human shields; and more. We support the Israel Defense Forces in their quest to stop Hamas.

No more rockets. No more incitement. No more human rights violations. No more Hamas!

Sign the petition here to STOP HAMAS NOW: