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17 Karen Walker Quotes That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Oh, honey. Get ready for more Will & Grace when brand-new episodes hit Stan on Sept. 29.

1. When she wanted to enjoy a special moment.

2. When she reminded us what a classy gal she is.

3. When she helped Grace get the perfect picture.

4. When she combined her jealousy and wit.

5. When she dished out some constructive criticism.

6. When she shut Will down in just four syllables.

7. When she subtly dropped this backhanded compliment.

8. When she told it to Jack straight.

9. When she was confused.

10. When she reminded Grace why she shouldn't meddle in her business.

11. When she delivered this perfect comeback with a smile.

12. When she broke the awkward silence.

13. When she was concerned about Rosario's wellbeing.

14. When she was just being honest.

15. When she threw shade at Will from the comfort of his own couch.

16. When she pretended to care.

17. And when she stopped pretending altogether.

Set your reminder for Sept. 29 when brand-new episodes of Will & Grace arrive on Stan. In the meantime, catch up on Seasons 1–8!

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