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Stan's "Looking For Alaska" Trailer Proves Why It's Going To Be The Best Teen Drama Ever

It's time for all of us to seek out our "great perhaps".

If you haven't already heard, the long-awaited adaptation of John Green's Looking For Alaska is nearly on our screens.

And if you're anything like me — aka an introverted bookworm that doesn't go outside a whole lot — you've probably rewatched this trailer a couple, oh, hundred times while waiting for the series to premiere.

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*Slams the play button for the millionth time.*

Since there's still a few days to go 'til Looking For Alaska comes out, here are a couple moments from the trailer that genuinely made me smile and get hyped for the series.

Not many days until all the eps drop on October 19 on Stan!

1. When we're introduced to the one, the only, Miles Halter.

2. And the many biographies he takes with him to Culver Creek.

3. When Miles is given his iconic nickname by the Colonel.

4. When we're introduced to Alaska while she's doing this badass walk.

5. When the crew start to plan some epic pranks against the Weekday Warriors.

6. When Alaska and Miles first connect while discussing Simón Bolívar and escaping "the labyrinth".

7. When Miles asks Lara out by handing her a bufriedo with a note attached to it...

8. ...which then leads to this awkward and adorable scene of Miles attempting to get ready.

9. When the love triangle between Alaska, Miles and Lara heats up.

10. And finally, when Alaska says this hauntingly beautiful quote: "Even when your heart breaks, you have to find a way to keep on living."

Excited for Looking for Alaska? You can catch all the episodes on Stan from October 19.