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5 Ways To Spot Your Next Student Officer

Do you have a friend that seems like a good fit for leadership? If they fit these attributes of a good candidate, why not recommend them?

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1. Do they care about their own student experience and the experience of others?

Your own experience is important, but so is making sure everyone else around you is having a good time too.

2. Do they seem like they're engaged with the Students' Union?

It's not a necessity, but if they're aware of what the union does for students then they're more likely to be able to change things quicker for you if they do get elected.

3. Do they work hard?

It's no easy feat working a full time job for the Students Union. You've got to work hard and play hard.

4. Do they have character?

They're going to be the face

5. Are they resilient?

Are they the kind of person who can pull an all nighter in the library and still go to lectures? Do they enjoy being busy?

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