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5 Ways To Make Your Student Experience More Mobile

Your university experience can be both fun and stressful. Here are five ways you can ease the stress just by having a mobile phone. Warning: Most, if not all of these will involve you downloading apps.

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1. Download the official Staffordshire University app.

The official Staffordshire University app is a great hub for everything you might need to do with uni. It even lets you know how many computers are free in the library.

2. The Blackboard app is where it's all at.

The newly renovated Blackboard app will make sure that you don't miss all important updates or deadlines.

3. There's also an Outlook Web Acess app.

Save your unread emails from piling up to four figures, as the OWA app will give you a push notification on your phone whenever your lecturers or the Union email you.

4. Struggling to concentrate? Try Coffitivity.

According to their website, the Coffitivity app recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and help you work better.

5. And finally, the Indeed Job Search app for when you're far away from all things University.

Surely one of the reasons you came to uni was to increase your employability, so keep an eye on the job market with and get yourself a job thing.

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