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5 Ways To Improve The Six Nations With Your Housemates Or Coursemates

The six nations may be coming to a close, but there's a few ways you can make sure you enjoy it even if you're not a fan of rugby. And just for your information, the Ember Lounge screens every game live.

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1. Put some money in a pot and draw names out of a hat.

You might end up running away from your housemates with the winnings like this man here, but putting money together and drawing a team from it to win or a certain player to score a try can make the games a little more interesting.

2. Make it into a drinking game.

Drinking each time a commentator starts shouting or every time someone get's speared to the floor could make things very fun.

3. Get lots and lots of food and have a feast while you watch.

The Six Nations is basically Europe's answer to the Superbowl, so go all American on it and get a huge feast prepared.

4. Turn up to the Ember Lounge dressed as something from one of the countries playing.

Bring a kilt, a beret or a pair of wellies (preferably on your feet) and you're sure to feel great and get a few laughs.

5. If none of those interest you, snuggle up in bed and watch it there.

Bed is great. We suppose you could always combine all five and laugh your way to sleep afterwards.

Where to watch it...

Catch every match of this year's Six Nations at the Ember Lounge, with plenty of fantastic food and drink to sit alongside the glory/heartbreak of victory/defeat.

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